Why Your Pug Stares At You So Much

So, you’re chilling out in the living room, watching your favorite show, and yet, somehow, you feel… uneasy.

It’s not the show that’s making you feel this way. Comedies are meant to help you relax and have fun… He’s doing it again, isn’t he?

From the corner of your eye, you notice his eyes, glaring at you. It’s not the first time.

Just as well you’re not watching a scary flick, all by yourself… with him and those bulgy eyes.

Okay, it’s not that bad. This pooch is too cute to be scary. But still, you can’t help but wonder, “Why is my pug always staring at me?”

The answer: Pugs, like most dogs, stare at their owners because they are trying to communicate with them. They are also paying attention to their owner’s gestures and movements to help them get a better understanding of their feelings and intentions.

Why Pugs Make Eye Contact With You

There are many reasons why they would want to communicate with you.

The main reason: your pug wants something.

It could be anything. He might be bored at that moment and is looking at you in the hopes that you will do something, like maybe play with him.

Your pug could be hungry and that is his way of letting you know it.

It could be that he wants to go outside to do his business or is ready to go to bed and is using his bulging eyes to ask you why you’re staying up so late when everyone else is sleeping already.

Maybe you have broken some kind of routine, which is confusing your pug. Most dogs get used to routines very quickly and notice even the slightest changes to them.

There’s also a chance that your pooch isn’t feeling too good and is hoping you could do something about it.

Whatever it is, it is something he wants, and you are supposed to be the provider.

The trick is to figure out what your pug wants. Not easy when you’re unable to read doggy minds, right?

Dogs can’t communicate with words, unfortunately.

We have to try to figure out what they’re telling us by reading their eyes and body language.

While this sounds impossible, most dog owners are able to get that communicative connection with their dogs over time; as long as they make the effort, though.

All you need is a little patience and putting a little more effort into paying attention to your dog’s habits, behavior, gestures and eyes.

How To Solve The Staring Problem?

First of all, ask yourself if it is a problem. After all, your dog is mainly trying to communicate with you, so why try to stop him from doing this?

There are exceptions, of course:

Nobody likes their dogs staring at them during lunch time, right?

Yes, a dog is simply trying to tell you that it wants food. But it doesn’t make it alright.

In the end, there’s a time and place for everything. You would like to eat in peace and not have to tend to your pug’s needs. He has his own food.

To solve this problem, you could:

  • Train your pug not to stare while you’re eating
  • Keep your pug in another room while you’re eating (not a good idea because you are simply sweeping the problem under the carpet).

Why Does My Pug Stare At Me When I Sleep?

Well, let’s get some clarification first:

Is your pug actually staring at you throughout the night while you’re sleeping? (How the heck do you know this if you’re sleeping? No, please don’t tell me)

If this is the case, one of your horror movies has come true.

Or, maybe your pug just wants to go outside to do his business but doesn’t realize that you’re sleeping so you can’t see him staring at you.

Do Pugs Love Their Owners And Can You See It Through Their Eyes?

Pugs absolutely love their owners, unless their owners haven’t been kind to them.

And while your pug normally stares at you because he wants something, there are times when he stares because he’s trying to communicate love back to you.

Just like humans with humans, when dogs and humans stare at each other, certain feel-good hormones such as serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin are released, according to this study.

Be careful, because you could be staring at your dog in a loving way or staring at him in a challenging way. Don’t overdo it.

How Do You Tell If a Pug Likes You?

Besides those loving eyes, your pug will usually have a relaxed posture and show no aggression towards you.

Your pug will most likely also want to play with you a lot, and when you show some type of affection towards him, he will most likely wag his tail and come trotting towards you in a friendly manner.

Pugs love to be close to their owners and can easily suffer from separation anxiety if you leave them a lone too long.

And if he REALLY wants to show that he loves you, be prepared for pug kisses.

What’s a pug kiss?

This is when your pug gets really close towards your face and half licks, half sniffs in half rubs he’s face all over yours. Yes, it can get really sloppy, but that’s the price of love.

However, be careful here, as you are inviting potentially dangerous bacteria into your mouth from your dog.


While it can look creepy at times when your pug stares at you, keep in mind that it’s just your dog’s way of trying to communicate with you. Maybe he wants something or maybe he’s just trying to show you some type of affection.

The truth is we’ll most likely never know the real reasons why they stare at us. All that we can do is pay attention to their habits, gestures, sounds, body language and overall behavior towards us and their surroundings.

Through time and patience, there is a lot you can learn about your pug, and the more you do, the closer you will get and the stronger the bond will be between the two of you.