How to Choose the Best Ferret Harness

Choosing the best ferret harness or collar can be a challenge. While you want to show off your little friend, it is essential to take their naturally high energy and playfulness into consideration before you make a purchase. As you walk your little guy, you can fully expect that he’s not going to be as concerned about his safety as you will be, but more interested in the intellectual stimulation he’ll get from being outside of his confined space in your home.

This is why it is so important that you think about your ferret and his unique personality before buying one of the many different harnesses or collars on the market today. To choose the right one for your pet, you need to think about several different things.

Ferret Harnesses Need to be Escape Proof

Especially when walking outdoors is a new experience for your ferret, you’ll need a harness that will be able to hold him securely while you’re out. Ferrets are notorious escape artists, and because of this, a strong harness that won’t give them too much leeway will help to keep them from getting away from you. They have slim and agile bodies that will easily slip in and out of all sorts of situations.

To find an escape proof ferret harness, consider the “H harness”. This type of harness is made with two large loops. The first loop is worn like a collar around the neck, and the other goes behind the forelegs and around the waist. Both of these loops are connected by two straps. The first runs along the spine and connects the loops together along the back, while the other strap runs along the belly.

This type of harness is very effective in making it practically impossible for them to slip out and away from your grasp. It can be a big problem when a ferret slips out of harness, so having an H harness can give you confidence that he will be safe from harm as you go on your walk.

Ferret Harnesses Must be Safe

Another feature you need to look at when finding the right harness for your ferret is safety. Like dogs, ferrets can be too eager on their outing to move at a reasonable pace and may end up pulling on their leash. If your ferret has this problem, look for a ferret harness and leash that is small enough to restrict excessive movement but still is large enough to prevent choking or strangling.

For the Extra Small Ferret

When you ferret is extra small, you may be tempted to buy a small cat or dog harness, but that would not be your best option. Since these little guys do not have the same anatomy, your ferret may not feel entirely comfortable with it, which could lead to even more trouble.

Harnesses made for other types of small animals generally do not have the safer and more reliable H ferret harness pattern. Since they are not designed with your ferret in mind but are more suited to similar sized animals like lizards, gerbils and hamsters, they could pose a risk to your pet while wearing it. These smaller animals are less likely to escape such loose fitting devices like your ferret.

Many of these harnesses have the figure of 8 patterns that are made out of a single rope or strap formed into the shape of an 8, which can pose a huge risk for your little guy. So, if you’re interested in making sure that the ferret isn’t able to break free from his confines, your best bet is to look for an extra small ferret harness to use.

When deciding on a good ferret harness, you need to think beyond his size. His personality, weight, and energy levels are all factors that need to be carefully considered before making a decision. While some smaller animals may be of similar size, they may be much lighter in weight than a full grown ferret, so there will be much more stress put on the harness. At the very least, it will wear out much faster and most likely will break after only a few uses.

The best ferret harness is the H shape specifically designed with these small excitable critters in mind. If by chance your ferret is a baby or extremely small in size, you may have to search a little harder to find the right one, or you may need to make a special order, but it will be well worth the peace of mind you have in knowing that your baby will not get away from you on your walks and will be safe to go only where you allow him to go.

Vest Harnesses

If you can’t find or do not like the H harness, another alternative is the vest harness for ferrets. These harnesses are best designed for older and more docile ferrets who do not show any tendency to escape and explore. They also work well for the smaller ferrets or when you have more than one ferret to walk at a single time.

Because they are usually made of very soft materials like foam, fleece, or nylon, they are more comfortable to wear. Sometimes, when you have a very small ferret, finding an H harness can be almost impossible, but vest harnesses can be made small enough to fit a neck size as little as 5 inches and a waist size as little 7 inches. They are extremely affordable and work well with leashes as short as four feet.

Remember, choosing a harness for a ferret is not as easy as just picking the right size. You also have to think about the ferret’s temperament, his curiosity level and his agility. Ferrets can quickly escape all sorts of things, so you need a harness that will hold in all of his energy and allow you to lead him where you want to go. By choosing an H harness or the softer Vest harness, you can be confident that your walks outside of the safety of your home will be enjoyable for both you and your pet.

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