Can Ferrets Wear Diapers?

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It’s possible for a ferret to wear a diaper, but you’re sorely mistaken if you think they will let you do it without a fight.

Is it possible to keep the diaper on your ferret?

Probably not…at least in most cases. Ferrets are notorious for being difficult pets when it comes to putting any clothing item on their furry little bodies, and diapers are most definitely no exception. This is the reason why it’s so difficult, if not impossible, to find diapers for ferrets in pet stores. Try doing a Google search and see how lucky you get.

Reasons Why You Might Want to Put Your Ferret in a Diaper

Some of the most common reasons are:

  • Your ferret is partially paralyzed in the back-end and therefore has problems in controlling his bowels
  • A Female ferret is on heat and so a diaper might seem like a good idea for this type of situation
  • A ferret diaper seems like a good way to keep a baby ferret from have those little “accidents” while in the process of being litter trained
  • Your ferret is going on a long trip and won’t be able to do his business as much as you would like on the trip
  • You are tired of your ferret doing his business all over the house

Okay, so these might seem like very valid reasons at first glance, right? The problem is that your ferret doesn’t think so, and so you have to ask yourself another question:

When you decided to adopt or buy your ferret, were you honest with yourself when you said that you were willing to do what it takes to make your little friend as comfortable as possible, even if it meant cleaning up after them every time they did their business, no matter where they did it?

Ferret Diapers Could be a Hazard

Ferrets love the feeling of being free, and so anything that makes them feel constricted is a big no-no. Yes, it is true that they like to burrow into tight places, but they do this because of their natural curiosity, and because they want to. A Diaper, or any other type of ferret clothing, is something they didn’t ask for, so they will naturally do whatever it takes to rip these items off their bodies, and this is where diapers for ferrets could become dangerous for them.

In the process of trying to rip the diaper off, a ferret could somehow injure themselves. For example, they could tear off pieces of the diaper and then ingest it, which could lead to intestinal blockages.

It’s also unhygienic; while your ferret’s diaper will catch everything that comes out, all of that mess will get rubbed back into their fur in that region due to the diaper having to be tight and snug on your ferret’s body. So, especially if you don’t change your ferret’s diaper and not properly clean that area before putting on a new diaper, you are in for a bigger problem, and believe it or not, more work.

In fact, you could end up doing more work with all the diaper changing and cleaning-their-hindy chores then if you were to just let them do their thing and clean up after them; with a just a bit of patience and being consistent, your ferret is able to be litter trained.

Ok, But What if I Really Do Have a Valid Reason?

Well, in that case, here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for ferret diapers:

You Probably Won’t Find Actual Ferret Diapers for Sale

At this time of writing, it’s extremely difficult to find diapers specially designed for ferrets, so your next option is to look for diapers that are made of other pets. You can find them in pet stores, both online and brick and mortar.

Some of the most popular are diapers for dogs. Keep in mind that you need to buy the XXS (extra, extra small) size for baby ferrets and XS (extra small) for adult ferrets. You can find washable diapers with these sizes on Amazon, here.

Be Willing to Try Various Diaper Brands at First

Ferrets have very unique bodies, so there is a big chance that you won’t find the perfect fit the first time round. When looking for the right diaper for your ferret, think about comfort first. The more comfortable the diaper, the slightly less chances of your furry friend having the deep instinctive need of ripping it off.

Think About How Your Ferret’s Diaper Will Be Kept in Place

Will your ferret’s diapers have Velcro fasteners or simply be designed as a one-piece item that gets pulled on? If there is Velcro, it is important that it is of good quality. The Velcro must be able to withstand a lot of pulling from your ferret.

So sum up, be completely honest with yourself before attempting to put a diaper on your ferret. If you feel that your reasons are completely justified, don’t stop at that. Your next step is to make your ferret as comfortable as possible. It will take a lot of time and patience to get your furry friend to come to terms with your decision. Also, keep your ferret’s safety and well-being in mind, both physically and mentally. This will be a difficult process for the both of you, so please, be really, really sure of your decision.

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